Beach Baby Essentials

Our little family practically lives at the beach so we have found what products are a necessity when bringing a baby (or a few) to the beach. These are our favorite items that make our beach trips fun and effortless! These are our top four items to add to your checklist next time you head to the beach with your little ones. The first and most important item for keeping baby shady and cool as well as keeping them from eating the sand is the California Beach Co. Pop and Go tent. It is the easiest tent to assemble because it literally just pops up as well as has a shade cover that is super simple to strap on. The tent also comes with stakes for sand and for dirt so no matter where you take it, it will be secure! I also know how important it is to save money when you can so if you use code MADISONCREYNOL10 you get 10% off of your tent!!

Another favorite beach item that we bring each trip is the Summer booster chair complete with a tray perfect to keep your little one buckled in while snacking. Our daughter is always snacking so this chair is perfect because its compact and easily portable. She loves having her own little chair and the tray is so helpful when feeding her as she is still learning to eat.

If your baby loves the water as much as ours then I recommend investing in a water diaper as they are better for your babe and the environment. A reusable water diaper is great because it saves money from not buying disposable packs with an abundance of diapers and potentially wasting them because your baby grew out of that size too quickly. Reusable diapers snaps make the diaper adjustable meaning they grow with your baby; This brand offers two sizes ranging from 7 to 35 pounds. This water diaper is also excellent quality and is Oeko-Tex certified meaning that it is only the best for your babe.

If you often go to rocky beaches or even the water park these baby water socks are perfect there are so many cute designs and are top-of-the-line quality because they are made from neoprene unlike many other brands that are made from polyester.

Now that baby’s checklist is complete here are a couple things that we make sure to pack for us parents.

I love the larger size beach blankets as more people can sit on them. The blanket that is linked is from Sand Cloud and made by hand from 100% Turkish cotton. If you are looking for a single person towel this one is also made from Turkish cotton and has a cute sun design on it.

For us parents a beach umbrella is one of the most basic items to pack but I have found that most beach umbrellas are not unique and as someone who loves aesthetic and functional pieces, I found that a beach umbrella doesn’t have to be boring! I found the cutest boho umbrella on Amazon it is a bit of a splurge but so worth it for the style and quality of it! On the other hand if you’re looking for a more affordable option I recommend this tried and true blue umbrella. You now have the best set up on the beach and everyone will be amazed, you’re welcome 😉

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