Traveling with a baby: what I packed in the diaper bag

I have flown with my baby ten times in her first ten months of life and these are my tried and true tips to pack a diaper bag most effectively. Most airlines allow you an extra bag for diapers in addition to your personal item (that fits under the seat) when you are traveling with an infant so make sure to check your airlines website. Since I was flying solo this trip I only brought the diaper bag and put any thing I needed such as my wallet and phone charger into one of the bag’s pocket. First and foremost I packed Millie Moon diapers and wipes, the softest diapers ever! Depending on my destination I will buy more diapers when I arrive and/or I pack extra diapers in my carry on. Then I always make sure to pack my Earth Mama diaper balm, it is the holy grail diaper cream and has cleared up all my daughter’s rashes and prevents any more from occurring. I have a discount code for Earth Mama if you use the code MADDI25 you get 25% off your purchase! Then I packed the Medela hand pump and a couple of Como Tomo baby bottles for feeding. I also brought some snacks for baby which included organic fruit pouches and teether crackers and puffs to keep her satisfied during the flight. Additionally I packed a muslin blanket to keep warm on the plane as well as a muslin burp cloth to clean up during the flight. I also packed an extra outfit in the diaper bag in case of any messes. Lastly I packed her portable sound machine and charger to make it easier for my baby to sleep in the hotel room.

If you want more tips for traveling with a baby stay tuned for more posts! (:

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